Promoting night time sleep for caregivers of people living with dementia

Occurring Dates
Participant Duration
Two hours per week for four consecutive weeks for the sleep promoting program.
State of study
Western Australia

Are you a Dementia Carer who could be sleeping better? Are you often awake ruminating and worrying? My name is Dr Aisling Smyth and I am a researcher based at the School of Nursing, Edith Cowan University. We are evaluating a sleep promoting intervention to see if we can improve the sleep of dementia caregivers.

The ECU ‘Sleeping Better Program’ is an interactive, four weekly workshop (every Monday, 10am-12pm; 26th July -16th August), delivered by post-graduate clinical psychology interns under the supervision of a Clinical Psychologist at ECU Psychological Services Centre in Wanneroo, WA 6065. The workshop will include:

  • Sleep education
  • Sleep hygiene
  • Strategies to combat worrying and intrusive thoughts
  • Relaxation techniques

Whilst your overnight sleep may be interrupted by caregiving, our aim is to optimise the sleep that you can get. In order to participate you must:

  1. Be an informal caregiver of a community dwelling person living with dementia
  2. Self-identify as a poor sleeper
  3. Have no known diagnosis of sleep apnoea or a sleep disorder
  4. Not take sleeping medication more than once per week regularly
Further information

If you are interested, please provide your details at this link and we will be in touch shortly,
Alternatively, you can email me at [email protected]

This study has been approved by the Edith Cowan University Human Research Ethics Committee (Project ID: 2019-00206-SMYTH).

Study Address
ECU Psychological Services Centre in Wanneroo, WA 6065
Full Name
Aisling Smyth
Edith Cowan University
Phone Number
(08) 6304 3533