The Safe Walking Assessment and Planning (SWAP) Tool community feasibility trial

Occurring Dates
Participant Duration
2 to 3 hours spread over 5 weeks
State of study
All States

The purpose of this project is to test the newly developed Safe Walking Assessment and Planning (SWAP) Tool in a community setting. We want to check that the tool is able to be used by family carers of people with dementia to effectively measure risk associated with wandering and guide carers to put in place strategies to reduce this risk.

You are invited to participate in this research project if you are a family carer of a person with dementia and have concerns about their safety due to their walking habits. The person you care for with dementia is also invited to participate if they have an interest in maintaining autonomy and safety, can demonstrate an understanding of their involvement, and agree to work with you to implement strategies.

Your participation as a carer will involve completing a survey over the phone, participating in an online interview to use the SWAP Tool to assess the walking habits of the person you care for, trialing some new strategies related to risk reduction, and participating in two follow up phone interviews.

Further information

This research project is funded by the QUT Healthy Ageing, Dementia and Palliative Care Seed Grant and is being undertaken by Dr Margaret MacAndrew (Lead Investigator). Please email Katy Wyles [[email protected]] for more information.

The study has been approved by the Queensland University of Technology Human Research Ethics Committee, approval number 1900000609.

Study Address
All interviews will be conducted over the phone or online using Zoom.
Full Name
Margaret MacAndrew
Queensland University of Technology
Phone Number
(07) 3138 5956