Work-related wellbeing of paid personal care attendants working in residential and community aged care

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The aim of our research is to investigate the work-related wellbeing of personal care attendants (PCAs) employed in the aged care sector. This research will consider how different social factors, work related factors and mental health factors may influence the professional quality of life a PCA experiences. Research looking at these factors may help us to understand the degree of compassion fatigue that may be present in PCAs working in aged care in Australia.

There has been considerable research on this topic in the healthcare sector looking at nurses, but research specifically focused on PCAs working in the aged care sector is limited. This research will provide data on how social and work-related factors influence the degree of compassion fatigue in PCAs. It may also increase community awareness into the challenges of working in aged care and how this work can impact the psychological wellbeing of carers and inform development or improvement of protocols within employer organisations to support the work-related and psychological wellbeing of their PCAs.

We are looking to recruit participants who currently work in the aged care sector (residential or community) as a personal care attendant, are over the age of 18 years and can read English.

Participation involves completing a short online survey, which is available via a link on our Facebook page called "Work-related wellbeing of aged care workers". Participation is voluntary and all responses are anonymous. The direct link to the survey is

Further information

For further information, please contact Sonja Jameson on 0427 712 309 or at [email protected] To complete the survey, please go to

This study has been approved by the CQUniversity Human Ethics Committee - Approval No. 2020-27.

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