Leave a gift in your will

Gift in will

A lasting gift: a future without dementia

Make a gift that will have an everlasting impact on Australia’s future.

Your legacy will help us to create a future where all people impacted by dementia receive the care and support they choose. Your gift, just like Gary’s, means we can keep working towards a future without dementia

Dorothy and I received such wonderful assistance, I felt it was important to make my own contribution by leaving a gift in my will. If you’ve been touched by dementia, you’ll know what a different it makes not to feel alone.

– Gary, whose wife passed away from dementia.


Your gift to the Dementia Australia Research Foundation can help us advance crucial research into dementia, so that we can improve the care of people living with dementia today and find a cure for tomorrow. 

There are a variety of ways to leave a gift to the Dementia Australia Research Foundation in your will. We recommend you consult a legal advisor, such as a solicitor or trustee to ensure your will is valid according to the laws in your State or Territory.

If you would like to learn more about leaving a gift in your Will, or if you are a solicitor or trustee preparing a Will, please contact our National Planned Giving Specialist, Iuliana Tristram.

* Whether you have left a gift in your will to the Dementia Australia Research Foundation or Alzheimer’s Australia Research, it will still find its way to us as our business details and ABN are unchanged. The Dementia Australia Research Foundation Ltd was formerly known as the Alzheimer’s Australia Dementia Research Foundation Ltd and prior to this, Alzheimer's Australia Research Ltd.