Dementia Advocacy and Support Network

DASN International is an internet based support network established to:

  • Promote respect and dignity for persons with dementia
  • Provide a forum for the exchange of  information,
  • Encourage support mechanisms such as local groups, counselling groups and Internet linkages, and
  • Advocate for services for people with dementia
  • Assist people to connect with their local Alzheimer’s Association

Since its founding in 2000, DASNI has evolved as an international group of people with dementia.  Approximately one-third of members have dementia themselves.

DASNI activities currently include an Internet-based support group for people with various dementias and those involved with our well-being. DASNI has an email community. Twice-daily Internet chats in a chat room help ease the isolation of dementia and educates participants about living with their diseases.