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Izvori informacija Dobrodošli u Dementia Australia. Izvori informacija navedeni na ovoj stranici sadrže savjete, praktične prijedloge i odgovore na neka od općih pitanja o demenciji.  
The Cultura website was taken offline in January 2020. The 'Cultura Care model' and associated website, app and resources were created to assist people to better relate and communicate with individuals from different cultures.
Dementia resources for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds  
منابع به انجمن  Dementia Australia (زوال عقل استرالیا) خوش آمدید. منابع مندرج در این صفحه دارای مشوره ها، پیشنهادات مفید،  و جواب برخی از پرسش های معمول راجع به مرض زوال عقل (dementia) می باشند.
The Delirium Clinical Care Standard provides guidance to consumers, clinicians and health services on delivering appropriate care to people at risk of, or with, delirium.
A model of delivering health messages to newly arrived communities An example, increasing dementia awareness through ethnic radio for newly arrived communities.
Dementia Alliance International is a collaboration of like-minded individuals diagnosed with dementia providing a unified voice of strength, advocacy, and support in the fight for individual autonomy for people with dementia.
There is increasing evidence that a number of different chronic conditions are associated with the development of cognitive impairment and dementia. The Dementia and Chronic Conditions Series Toolkits are designed to improve support for people living with cognitive impairment or dementia and other chronic conditions.
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