International Action Against Dementia 2016

To celebrate Dementia Awareness Month 2016, Dementia Australia SA held an event Friday the 23rd of September to raise awareness of dementia and showcase local and nationally renowned guest speakers.

'International Action On Dementia' was our biggest dementia awareness event yet with over 700 people registered to attend.

A special thank you to legendary media editor and businesswoman, Ita Buttrose for MCing the event and to world leader in the field of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, Dr Ronald Petersen, Director of the Mayo Clinic in the U.S. for sharing his wisdom with us.


Dr. Mark Yates - There's Still Lots I Don’t Know About Dementia...

Dr. Maria Crotty - Dementia and Rehabilitation

Dr. Ron Petersen - International Action On Dementia


Welcome / Launch of Nightingale Nurses 

International Action On Dementia Event - Kathryn Quintel

Kathryn Quintel is the Chief Executive Officer of Dementia Australia SA. Her current focus as leader of the organisation is building dementia friendly communities in South Australia where people with dementia are understood, engaged, included and valued.

You Are Not Alone: Dementia Awareness Month 2016

International Action On Dementia Event - Ita Buttrose

Ita Buttrose is a legendary media editor, businesswoman, best-selling author, committed community and welfare contributor and 2013 Australian of the Year.

She is currently the National Ambassador for Dementia Australia, having served as National President from 2011-2014. She is also Patron of the Macular Disease Foundation, and Emeritus Director of Arthritis Australia.

She is an accomplished communicator with a wealth of experience across a broad range of industry and not for profit sectors. When she speaks she does so with on-the-job knowledge and experience to deliver a speech that informs, entertains and inspires her audience.

Our Personal Journey With Dementia 

International Action On Dementia Event - Ann & Timothy Pietch

Ann Pietsch trained in Melbourne as a general nurse and midwife. Later she gained a bachelor degree in Applied Science - Nursing Administration; her special interest was gerontology.

Late in 2011 Ann began to experience memory problems of her own. She retired from employment in July 2012, and a few months later she received a likely diagnosis of younger onset dementia – Alzheimer’s. Ann was 59. It now appears that she may have Lewy Body Dementia.

Ann has a positive attitude, and is open about her diagnosis. She and her husband Timothy are happy to share their insights with a view to helping others understand dementia.

Dementia Care In Hospital Program

International Action On Dementia Event - Mark Yates

Mark Yates is an associate professor and director of clinical studies at the Ballarat Clinical School, Deakin University. His main areas of clinical interest are dementia/memory disorders, continence management, airways disease and health care delivery in an ageing society. Mark is currently the medical lead in the Dementia Care in Hospitals Program. His focus is Dignity with care, as well as driving a national awareness campaign on identifying and managing the public who have Dementia. 

Rehabilitation and Aged Care

International Action On Dementia Event - Maria Crotty

Maria Crotty is a rehabilitation physician based in Adelaide who has a special interest in working with older people particularly those with dementia.

She is Professor of Rehabilitation and Aged Care at Flinders University, the Director of Rehabilitation at Repatriation General Hospital (RGH), Adelaide, South Australia and the Clinical Lead of Rehabilitation for Country Health SA.

Her research focuses on recovery after illness, strategies to maintain walking after stroke and hip fracture and on new rehabilitation technologies.

International Action On Dementia

International Action On Dementia Event - Ron Peterson

Dr Ron Petersen is a world leader in the field of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. He is Director of the Mayo Clinic in the U.S. and was also Ronald Reagan’s personal physician and treated the former President of America’s Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr Petersen is the director of the Mayo Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center and the Mayo Clinic Study on Aging. He has authored over 700 peer-reviewed articles and edited five books on memory disorders, aging, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr. Petersen is one of the recipients of the 2004 MetLife Award for Medical Research in Alzheimer’s Disease and the 2005 Potamkin Prize for Research in Picks, Alzheimer’s, and Related Disorders of the American Academy of Neurology.

Navigating Alzheimer's 

International Action On Dementia Event - Carolyn Cranwell on the Couch with Ita Buttrose

​​​​Carolyn Cranwell is an author, lawyer and senior transport security advisor for government and a former dental nurse and hygienist. She has had eighteen years’ experience as an Alzheimer’s carer. Carolyn is determined to raise awareness of the challenges and impact that long-term Alzheimer’s caring has on families and to lessen the stigma associated with this disease in Australia and beyond.

Carolyn is the author of ‘Navigating Alzheimer’s’ and lives near the inner city in Adelaide, South Australia. She has two adult children, Ainslie and Jack and a son-in-law Tom.

Panel Discussion: You Are Not Alone 

International Action On Dementia Event - Q&A Panel Discussion feat:

  • Kathryn Quintel - CEO of Dementia Australia SA
  • Ita Buttrose - Dementia Australia Ambassador 
  • Ron Petersen - Director of the Mayo Clinic in the U.S
  • Kate Swaffer - Person with dementia, Chair, CEO and co-founder of Dementia Alliance International
  • Timothy Pietch - Carer for person living with Younger Onset Dementia