Social and therapeutic programs - NSW

Aims to educate and support people living with dementia, family carers or friends, health care workers, staff and volunteers of local councils, museums and art galleries, historic homes and gardens.

Engaging in meaningful activity at home 
This three-hour interactive workshop provides a practical foundation to support family carers with activities at home. The workshop looks at the importance of activity for a person living with dementia and how dementia impacts on participation, engagement and outcomes. The session aims to develop an understanding of dementia, effective communication skills and strategies on how to enhance the environment to support the person living with dementia maintain independence. The workshop will also provide an opportunity for brainstorming and sharing a broad range of activity ideas.

A Meaningful visit 
This one-hour session is held as a café style conversation. Over a cup of tea or coffee the conversation focuses on the new role of the family carer when their person has transitioned into residential care or when they are considering that transition. Topics discussed are: What is the carer’s new role? What does a visit look like? What are some activities I can now do that are suitable for that person in their new home?

Engaging in meaningful activity in the community

This is a two and a half hour workshop designed for staff and volunteers from community organisations such as local councils, libraries, senior groups, social clubs and community centres. It looks at the importance for the person living with dementia in staying connected to community activities and the way dementia impacts on participation and engagement. This workshop will cover topics such as understanding dementia, effective communication skills and strategies to engage the person living with dementia to local actives and events.

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