South Australian Community Achievement Awards

Dementia Care forms the backbone of support for people with the disease across South Australia. Currently there are over 30,000 people with dementia in South Australia, this number increases daily with 1,700 people diagnosed with the disease across Australia every week. There is no known cause and right now, no cure. Dementia is the 2nd largest killer of Australians and is the single greatest cause of disability in people aged 65 years and older.

The Dementia Australia South Australia Dementia Care Excellence Award recognises a South Australian organisation who has demonstrated an organisation wide commitment to providing high quality dementia care in addition to working to continually improve and innovate their dementia care services with recognition, of the diverse service and support needs of people with dementia, their families and carers. 

Dementia Australia South Australia present this award to celebrate achievement in championing the care of people with dementia, which enables us to work towards a society committed to reducing the impact of dementia.

Category Guidelines

This Award will be presented to an organisation able to demonstrate a commitment to improving the quality of care provided to people living with dementia.

The organisation will have made an outstanding contribution against one or all of the criteria below:

  • Describe any innovative projects undertaken to enhance or improve the quality of dementia care the organisation provides.
  • Describe implementation of staff training and education programs to support the provision of high quality person centred dementia care.
  • Outline the challenges and obstacles the organisation faced in building and maintaining an organisational culture focused on providing the highest quality of dementia care.
  • Describe the carer or organisation whose endeavours have made a difference to the wider community of people with dementia.
  • Explain how the organisation has championed the cause of dementia for people living with dementia, their families and carers and detail any involvement in raising awareness of the needs of people with dementia their families and carers such as committees, media, campaigns, promotions.
  • 100 word summary of achievements for media, judging and promotional material including for use on the Awards night.

About the South Australian Community Achievement Awards

The Community Achievement Awards for South Australia are about recognising individuals, organisations and groups who are making a difference in our local communities and State. There can never be enough encouragement and support for those working towards making their State a better place. Awards such as these create an opportunity to say thank you to those who work tirelessly to develop and improve in their chosen field of endeavour.

Key Dates

Launch: 31 May 2017
Nominations Close: 18 August 2017
Judging: 21 September 2017
Awards Presentation: 17 November 2017