Dementia Alliance International peer-to-peer support program

Dementia Alliance International (DAI) offers peer-to-peer support programs to people with dementia so that they can access small groups of people with a diagnosis of a dementia.

These groups, which include people from all over the world, meet regularly to discuss their experiences and problems but also their strategies for coping with the diagnosis and living more positively with dementia. 

Dementia Alliance International provides weekly online peer-to-peer support groups, along with one-to-one buddying and mentoring.

Approximately 30% of people diagnosed with dementia live alone; therefore Dementia Alliance International also hosts a fortnightly peer-to-peer support group specifically for people who live alone with dementia, whether they live in the community or in residential care. 

Research shows that hearing from others with similar experiences and sharing personal reflections can be an effective coping strategy, and the peer support program provides a structured environment in which people who share the same long-term illness or condition can safely share their experiences. DAI is committed to providing this type of support on an ongoing basis and invests in formal training of all co-hosts, who are also people diagnosed with dementia themselves. 

All that is required to join a Dementia Alliance International support group is to become a member of Dementia Alliance International: membership and all services are free.

Download the support group guidelines at DAI Peer to Peer Support Group Guidelines_3rd Editon_2018