Library and information service in NSW

The service supports family carers, people with dementia, health professionals and community care workers in NSW by providing access to quality dementia related consumer health information and resources.

What does the Library and Information Service offer?

  • Dementia specialist reference service, information and loans and online videos
  • Inter-library loans
  • Library catalogue
  • News Service
  • Digital eBooks and Audiobooks

Who can use the Service? 

To access the majority of services provided by the library you need to be a member of Dementia Australia NSW.  Non-members, including students, are welcome to browse the library collections and to research onsite.

Where are Libraries located?

The main Library is located at our North Ryde Resource Centre in Sydney and we have branches in the Dementia Australia NSW offices at Bega, Newcastle and Port Macquarie. These Libraries contain over 5500 dementia related books and multimedia resources. Dementia Australia NSW has also donated dementia related collections to public libraries throughout New South Wales (check your local library for details).     

The Dementia Australia NSW libraries provide services to all members in NSW. We will post library resources to you. Ring us on 02 9888 4218 or email.

At Your Public Library is an initiative undertaken by Dementia Australia NSW Library to place dementia related books and resources into public libraries throughout New South Wales.   From 2003 until 2011 over 5000 books and multimedia resources, covering a range of topics relating to dementia, have been placed in selected New South Wales public libraries. For a library near you check Public Library locations.


The library team has carefully selected a range of new digital resources of some of our most popular titles for people living with dementia, care partners, family members and healthcare professionals. You can download the digital resources 24-hours a day, 7-days a week from anywhere! And there’s also no postage costs.

This new service, is free library members. You can now borrow popular digital media anytime, anywhere by visiting the e-library at: and entering your login.

Dementia Australia Library News

Subscribe to the Dementia Australia NSW Library blog to stay up-to-date with the latest research and information related to dementia. The updates include all new resources in the library as well as recommend reading and viewing lists, and one of our most popular services, the abstracts of all articles in the journals we subscribe to.

 The service is free to join

  • All posts are archived and searchable           
  • Posts can be viewed by topic area, eg: care practice, drug therapy, research         
  • You can add a comment                     
  • You do need to become a member to receive the full text articles or to borrow resources       
  • You can set up a feed (ATOM or RSS) to the post, which means that you can quickly see what has recently been added.

Younger Onset Dementia and ME blog

Does your mum or dad have younger onset dementia? Are you looking for information on younger onset dementia and would you like to talk with other young people in similar situations? The Dementia Australia NSW blog Younger Onset Dementia and ME is a place for young people to connect with others, to get information and helpful suggestions and a place to be listened to. If you would like to contribute to this blog, you must be over the age of 18, have a parent with younger onset dementia and agree to our terms and conditions. Email Helen for more information.