"There is so much we’ll miss out on with Mum."

There is so much we’ll miss out on with Mum.

"She won’t see her children get married. She’ll never meet her grandchildren."

Isabelle’s mum Christine was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease at just 54. Just four years later dementia claimed her life, leaving her family devastated by their loss.

"I felt such a wave of panic when I realised I’d no longer have her to guide me in my life’s decisions,” said Christine’s daughter, Isabelle.

For 15 years she’d been treated for depression and anxiety, and for so many years she thought, "Why isn’t this medication working?" When she received her diagnosis, she almost felt relief. Finally, she had an explanation for what was happening and thought, "It’s not just me. Something is actually happening to my body."

This is an especially vulnerable time for people living with the impact of dementia. More than ever, they need the up-to-date information, professional guidance and support we can only provide through the wonderful generosity of people like you.

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Isabelle told us her family would have been totally lost without that support when her beloved mum, Christine, was diagnosed with younger onset Alzheimer’s disease.

With her symptoms advancing so rapidly, Christine moved into an aged care facility close to Isabelle’s home. Within just a few months, she could no longer speak.

"When Mum was diagnosed we didn’t realise the enormity of this disease.

The help sheets were such a useful source of credible, reliable information. Then we were linked with a younger onset dementia key worker who helped us understand what Mum might need.

If we hadn’t had that essential support, I don’t think we would have had the same patience with Mum or been able to respond to her needs in the right way."

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