Christmas 2018

This Christmas will be different for Meagan.

A few years ago, Meagan, 37, had it all. Loving relationships with her family and friends, a career she loved and a close bond with her kids.

But in 2015, Meagan began to change. She stopped socialising and began making silly mistakes at work. Meagan’s emotions seemed blunted and she became self-absorbed and obsessed with food – behaviour most out of character for her.

Her symptoms were unusual for someone so young. It took months, many doctors, and placed enormous stress on the family before finding the correct diagnosis. Meagan was diagnosed with Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD) behavioural variant. It often affects people in their 30s, 40s and 50s. There is no cure, and it is fatal.

Even though she recognises her family and she will know it's Christmas - she will more likely than not be able to participate in family celebrations like she once did.

Christmas was Meagan’s favourite time of year and she would make it so special for Charlotte, now 8, and Luke, 5. But this Christmas will be different.

She won’t hold them close on Christmas morning or watch as they open their toys.

“That’s the hardest part; remembering Meagan’s love for Charlotte and Luke,” says her mother Rhondda.

She can no longer care for her children. Her marriage is over. She can’t work or live independently. And for her own safety, Meagan needs constant support and supervision.

This Christmas, please help support the work of Dementia Australia with a gift so that people like Meagan and the people who love them do not have to go through it alone.

“Today, John and I don’t feel alone,” says Rhondda. “Thanks to the support of Dementia Australia we have access to support that assists us to not only look after ourselves but help provide the best care for Meagan as well. It is still hard, but the burden has lifted off us, and Meagan’s quality of life has improved too.”

Every day this once devoted mum is cheated of magical moments with her children.

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