Become a Dementia Advocate

About the Dementia Advocates Program

The Dementia Advocates Program was developed to strengthen and elevate the voices of people with a lived experience of dementia across Australia. The Program provides opportunities for people living with dementia, people caring for someone with dementia, and former carers to share their stories and have their voices heard.

Dementia Australia and Dementia Advocates work together to raise awareness of dementia, to tackle stigma and discrimination, and to influence decision-makers in government and service providers. There are many ways to be a Dementia Advocate and all forms of advocacy are important. It is about what is important to you.  

The Program offers Dementia Advocates the opportunity to have an impact on a broad scale, it does not provide individual advocacy or support services. 

Who can become a Dementia Advocate?

  • A person with a diagnosis of dementia, 
  • A person providing informal care to a person living with dementia, 
  • A former carer  

What does being a Dementia Advocate involve?

Getting to know the Dementia Australia Consumer Engagement team and the team getting to know you. Once you have become a Dementia Advocate you can be involved as much or as little as you like. All you need is a desire to improve the lives of people living with dementia and their families. 

Dementia Australia participates in a range of activities which we promote under the broad banner of Dementia Advocacy, including: 

  • Sharing your thoughts and experiences through surveys, workshops or interviews  
  • Working with researchers and research funders to set research priorities
  • Participating as a representative on advisory boards or committees 
  • Raising awareness by being involved in media campaigns, public speaking and/or blog writing  
  • Providing feedback on policy, program, services and/or new technology  

The Dementia Australia consumer engagement team links Dementia Advocates with opportunities that match their interests, skills and availability. Dementia Advocates who need support to participate are provided with appropriate assistance.  

I’m interested! How do I join?

We are always looking for interested people. 

To complete an online application form please click here

You can step down from the Program at any time. There is no minimum commitment and you can choose how and when you want to participate.

If you need assistance with the form or would prefer to complete a form over the phone please call Belinda Curtis on (08) 8372 2122 or 0455 344 290.

Contact details

If you are still not sure about the Program, have any questions or want more information please email [email protected]

What are some other ways I can be involved?

  • Volunteers Program – Volunteers are an integral and valued part of our organisation and assist Dementia Australia in a number of ways. To learn more about Volunteers Program click here.
  • Become a member – Dementia Australia members receive our quarterly Member Matters magazine, our eNewsletter and access to our dementia library. For more information about Memberships click here.
  • Dementia Friendly Communities – You can help to create Dementia Friendly Communities by signing up to become a Dementia Friend, Starting a Dementia Alliance, and/or become a Dementia Friendly Organisation. Click here to learn more about Dementia Friendly Communities.
  • Fundraising – There are a number of ways to be involved in fundraising for Dementia Australia, from donating money to participating in our events.
    Discover more about Fundraising here.
  • Research Participation – If you are interested in being study participants, please visit the Dementia Australia Research Foundation (DARF) website where current research projects seeking study participants are listed here.


If you need assistance with the form or to learn more please call Belinda Curtis on (08) 8372 2122 or 0455 344 290 or email [email protected]