Dementia Learning Guide

Dementia Learning Guide 2022

Explore a wide range of tools and programs for organisations and staff supporting people living with dementia.

Our Dementia Learning Guide 2022 helps you plan your approach to building your team's dementia capability and deliver quality care.

Empower your team with best-practice knowledge and skills and transform dementia care in your organisation.

Dementia Australia is the leading provider of quality dementia education. Our 2022 Dementia Learning Guide introduces more digital education, using virtual classrooms and interactive elements to maximise engagement and learning outcomes.

Our programs are designed using evidence-based research and informed by people living with dementia, their family and carers.

Change to the aged care sector is inevitable. This is your opportunity to be a leader in your industry.

Quality dementia care needs to become an intrinsic, core element of aged care. More than two-thirds of aged care residents have moderate to severe cognitive impairment. When you cater for the needs of people with dementia, you provide the best standard of care for all residents.

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