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Dementia Australia have welcomed guest speakers to record a specialised education video for you to access.

In this video we are joined by Dr Rowena Mobbs, who explains the difference between concussion and chronic traumatic encephalopathy, known more simply as CTE. The pattern of symptoms in CTE are explored, including poor emotional and behavioural regulation. There is new support emerging for anyone concerned about CTE from head injuries, including former athletes, military personnel and those who experience acts of physical violence. 

You will gain knowledge in:

  • The range of conditions caused by head injury
  • How CTE is different to other types of dementia
  • Common symptoms of CTE and their management

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Suitable for: People living with dementia and their family carers and family members.

Dr Rowena Mobbs

Dr Rowena Mobbs

Dr Rowena Mobbs is a cognitive neurologist at Mater Hospital Sydney and Macquarie University Hospital. She is the Director of the Australian CTE Biobank and leads the Concussion and Repetitive Head Trauma research group at Macquarie University, seeing patients with chronic traumatic encephalopathy. As a former athlete in fencing and modern pentathlon, she has a deep understanding of the benefits of sport balanced with safer sporting environments. She has a PhD in spinal neurotrauma and neurodegeneration. She is founder of the Concussion Connect program to support patients and their families living with suspected CTE.

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