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A woman wearing a blue jacket standing outside on her telephone talking to someone.

Dementia Australia's one-to-one Peer Support program connects you with someone who understands your challenges because they have been through a similar experience.

Connecting Peers:  

  • is delivered across Australia by volunteers known as Peer Leaders
  • brings people together based on similar experiences and interests
  • connects participants by phone or Zoom.

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Talk to someone who gets it

“‘I enjoyed our conversations and felt like I was talking to a friend.’ Sharon Hobbs, Peer Participant

If you are living with dementia or caring for someone living with dementia you can receive support from a volunteer Peer Leader.

You will be connected with someone in similar circumstances who can share aspects of their journey that may be helpful.

A person living with dementia is matched to another person living with dementia; a carer is matched to a carer. Whether it's a single call or several, there's nothing like talking to someone 'who gets it'.  

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Last updated
1 May 2024