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Why did you become a Peer Leader?

Dementia Australia's one-to-one Peer Support program connects you with someone who might benefit from the support of someone with a similar experience.

Connecting Peers:  

  • is delivered across Australia by volunteers known as Peer Leaders
  • brings people together based on similar experiences and interests
  • connects participants by phone or Zoom.

Questions? Email us at

Volunteer as a Peer Leader

Peer Leaders volunteer their time to provide empathy and support from their own lived experience as someone who is living with dementia, or caring for someone living with dementia.

There are many reasons why someone might become a Peer Leader: to help others on a similar path, to give back to the community or to honour a loved one.

The minimum time commitment to be a volunteer Peer Leader is just one hour per month over 6 months.

“I have really enjoyed my role as a Peer Leader.  Meeting the challenges has been most rewarding for my personal growth and my living well with MY dementia.  In particular, helping others to normalise some effects of dementia, has eased MY own acceptance of the disorder.” 

- Heather Cooper, Peer Leader Living with Dementia

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Last updated
2 November 2023