Dementia prevalence data

The prevalence data research for dementia in Australia is conducted and regularly updated by Dementia Australia (formerly Alzheimer’s Australia). This prevalence data indicates the proportion of the Australian population that is currently living with dementia and younger onset dementia. It projects what this number will increase to by 2058. 

This research continues to be a vital body of work for Australian governments, researchers and research institutions, policy planners, media and the health and aged care sectors, in helping to understand the enormity of the impact of dementia in Australia. More importantly, the data helps to inform planning and funding of services and programs around Australia to meet future needs.

2022 Prevalence data for all forms of dementia

The 2022 Dementia Australia Prevalence Data reveals that there are currently an estimated 487,500 people living with all forms of dementia. Without a major medical breakthrough this figure is projected to increase to 1,076,000 people by 2058. 

2022 Prevalence data for younger onset dementia

Younger onset dementia is used to describe any form of dementia diagnosed in people under the aged of 65. There are an estimated 28,800 people living with younger onset dementia and without a major breakthrough this figure is projected to increase to 41,250 people by 2058. 

Prevalence summary by State and Territory – all dementia
Prevalence summary by State and Territory – younger onset dementia



The 2022 Dementia Australia Prevalence Data for dementia was modelled by the National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling (NATSEM) from the University of Canberra. The team have used a standard demographic modelling approach, in which age-sex dementia prevalence rates are applied to age-sex population projection estimates. 

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Methodology summary for the Dementia Australia Prevalence Data

Key facts and statistics

Please visit our key facts and statistics page to learn about the Australian statistics for dementia in 2022. 

Dementia Australia (2018). Dementia Prevalence Data 2018-2058, commissioned research undertaken by NATSEM, University of Canberra.