Community and health professionals

Health and community care professionals

The information in this section focuses on advance care planning rather than financial planning.

It may be relevant for a range of staff working in the health and community care sectors including, among others:

  • doctors
  • nurses
  • social workers
  • chaplains
  • community care workers
  • dementia counselling and support workers

Planning ahead including advance care planning and why it is important

General practitioner Dr Dimity Pond talks about planning ahead and what types of planning are important. This message is supported by carers Kathy Williams and Imelda Gilmore who speak about their experiences and how planning ahead was important to them when caring for loved ones with dementia.

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Raising awareness

Helping individuals who want to make an advance care plan

Supporting substitute decision makers

Developing workplace systems to promote advance care planning

General resources for healthcare professionals

General Practitioners & GP Practice Nurses

Multicultural workers

Aboriginal health workers