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Ask Annie support

Requirements, instructions and troubleshooting for the Ask Annie app.

Ask Annie is an engaging education platform offering self-paced micro learning. Annie, a carer, guides learners through scenarios based on the real life experiences to strengthen their skills in delivering support to all clients, not only people living with dementia. The modules are short and focused on providing practical ways to address challenging situations.

Device requirements

Ask Annie works on:

  • Smartphones running Android 8.0 or newer
  • iPhones or iPads running IOS 14 or newer

Installing Ask Annie

Ask Annie is free to download for both Apple and Android devices.

Registering an account

Ask Annie is an application aimed at organisations and individuals looking to upskill themselves on dementia.

If your organisation has purchased an Ask Annie subscription you can create your own account using your organisations unique access code to access the content.

1. Open Ask Annie and tap Register.

A screenshot of the Ask Annie introductory screen, showing the log-in and registration buttons.

2. Select “Organisation” and then tap Proceed.

A screenshot of Ask Annie "account type" screen. The options are "organisations" and "personal".

3. Enter your details and your organisation's access code, then tap Register.

A screenshot of the Ask Annie account creation screen.

Navigating Ask Annie

After signing in you will be taken to the home screen – here you can see your list of courses, a link to your profile screen and the search option.

  • Search: here you can search the content of your courses by entering search terms.
  • Profile: selecting this will take you to your profile page where you can update your details.
  • Courses: titles of the courses
A screenshot of the Ask Annie main navigation screen, showing the search and profile buttons and three courses.

To access your course content:

1. From the home screen select your course.

A screenshot of the Ask Annie home screen. The 'CAUSEd' course is selected.

2. Select the module.

A screenshot of the Ask Annie CAUSEd course screen. The C' for Communication module is selected.

3. Read the introduction then click the lesson to begin.

A screenshot of the Ask Annie "C" for Communication module, showing available lessons.


When I try to login, I get an error message of “Invalid credentials for login”

This indicates that either your password or your username is incorrect. If you need to reset your password. Select “Forgot Password” from the login screen then enter your registered email address.

A screenshot of the Ask Annie log-in screen, including the "forgot password" link.

I am using Ask Annie on a Tablet device (iPad or Android Tablet) and the perspective looks unusual

Ask Annie is designed to work on both Android and Apple smartphones. Ask Annie may still work on Android and Apple tablets but is not optimised for these devices so it may look unusual.

Ask Annie is not responding on my Phone

Firstly, confirm that your device meets the requirements. Ask Annie is compatible with Android smartphones using Android 8.0 and above as well as iPhones running IOS 14 and above.

Try uninstalling and reinstalling the app, if this doesn’t work then update your phones operating system and retry.

Contact us

If you are still having an issue please reach out to our support team by emailing, please provide your username and a description of the issue.

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Last updated
2 April 2024