Information for applicants

Dementia Australia Research Foundation offers project grants to new, early- and mid-career researchers to help build the capacity of the dementia research sector. Many previous grant recipients have gone on to establish successful research careers. We hope that you will join them!

To make the application process as smooth as possible please read all eligibility criteria and other information in the Information for Applicants document provided.

It is also worth taking a look at some of our researchers previously funded.

Online Application - Round 1

Applications must be submitted online via an application portal available through the Dementia Australia Research Foundation website. The portal will close at the advertised closing date, after which applicants will not be able to upload or modify any part of their application.

The application form includes a number of required fields. To ensure that all relevant information is entered, each page of the application form needs to be completed in full before moving onto the next.  

A template of the 2021 Dementia Grants Program application form is provided as a Word document below. This will allow applicants to view each section of the form and/or work on the application offline. 

Please note that you will be asked to create an account prior to completing the online application form. Log-in details will be sent to the email address you provide.

Information for Applicants Booklet [UPDATED]

Application Template - Word doc

Endorsement Form - Project Grants

Endorsement Form - Post-doctoral Fellowship

Endorsement Form - Mid-Career Research Fellowship


Application Documents - Round 2 (Innovation Grant)

Information for Applicants Booklet

Application Form - Word doc

Endorsement Form


Further Information

For further information about the 2021 Dementia Grants Program or the application process please contact us at [email protected].

2021 Dementia Grants Program Key Dates 

Round 1 - Project Grants, Post-doctoral Fellowships and Mid-Career Research Fellowships

OPEN Tuesday 6 July 2021, 9.00am AEST
CLOSE Monday 30 August 2021, 5.00pm AEST
Outcomes announced: January 2022
Funding commences: January - March 2022 or by arrangement

Round 2 - Innovation Grants

OPEN Tuesday 27 July 2021, 9.00am AEST
CLOSE Monday 13 September 2021, 5.00pm AEST
Outcomes announced: January 2022
Funding commences: January - March 2022 or by arrangement