2019 Dementia Grants Program - Round 1

To be eligible for a Project Grant:

  1. At the time of acceptance and for the duration of a grant, the Applicant (Chief Investigator (CI)) must be an Australian or New Zealand citizen, a permanent resident of Australia, or have an appropriate work visa in place at the time of acceptance and for the duration of the project. All applicants must provide evidence to their host institution to support this criterion. Host institutions are responsible for certifying and ensuring that these requirements are met. The Dementia Australia Research Foundation may request further information in relation to these requirements, including evidence of residency and/or citizenship.
  2. The CI must hold a PhD or equivalent (DPhil or M.D. by research), or have submitted a PhD thesis for examination prior to the proposed commencement date of the project.
  3. The CI must hold an academic position at or below Level C seniority (i.e., below the level of Associate Professor or equivalent if not employed within the university system).
  4. The research must be conducted in Australia and address the topic and scope of the funding round.
  5. The research must be approved by an authorised ethics committee, if applicable. It should be noted that grant payments may be withheld until ethics approval has been obtained.