Information for supporters

The Dementia Australia Research Foundation maintains a simple and competitive grants program that funds the best new and early career researchers.

The Dementia Grants Program gives young scientists a head start in this competitive environment. The Foundation aims to build capacity in dementia research, so we support researchers in their formative years so they can do great things for us in the future. 

Our postgraduate scholarships support PhD students to begin their scientific apprenticeship. A PhD Scholarship provides three years of support – the duration of a typical PhD study program.

Postdoctoral Fellowships provide two years of salary support for scientists who have graduated from their PhDs within the last eight years. This is a critical time for scientists to produce research and obtain funding to have a long scientific career.

Project Grants are grants that provide researchers with the funds to obtain resources – be they people or pipettes - to investigate a particular topic. The grants come in various flavours. The first are the AADRF which are open to researchers within eight years of graduating from their PhDs. Dementia Australia Research Foundation Project Grants are open to any topic. Dementia Australia Research Foundation - Victoria Grants, Hazel Hawke Research Grant in Dementia Care and the Resthaven Inc. Dementia Research Award are all focused on specific priority areas. 

The Foundation introduced Partnership Engagement Grants in December 2013. This new grant scheme allows us to partner with researchers financially and in-kind to apply for large, multi-year projects with outcomes that will have direct impacts on consumers and the work of Dementia Australia.

Please contact us or visit support if you would like further information about how you can support our grants program.