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حول الخرف | About dementia

1  ما هو الخرف؟ | ?What is dementia

This Help Sheet describes dementia, who gets it and some of its most common forms. It describes some early signs of dementia and emphasises the importance of a timely medical diagnosis.

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2  تشخيص الخرف | Diagnosing dementia

This Help Sheet provides information about the early signs of dementia, the techniques used to diagnose dementia and the importance of an early and correct diagnosis.

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7  التخطيط المبكر | Early planning

This Help Sheet discusses ways to plan ahead and organise financial and legal affairs and lists people and organisations that can help.

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تغيُّر السلوك والخرف | Changed behaviours and dementia

1  السلوكيات المتغيرة | Changed behaviours

This Help Sheet looks at some of the common behaviour changes that may occur when a person has dementia. Reasons for the changes and some general guidelines for coping with them are discussed.

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الإعتناء بالعائلات ومُقدمو العناية | Looking after families and carers

1  اخذ استراحة | Taking a break

This Help Sheet discusses the importance of taking a break from caring, how to organise it and who can help.

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العناية بشخص يعاني من الخرف | Caring for someone with dementia

1  الاتصالات | Communication

This Help Sheet explains some of the changes in communication that occur as a result of dementia and suggests ways that families and carers can help. It also includes some personal tips on communication written by a person with dementia.

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فَرَتعليمات بخصوص الخ | Tips to assist social engagement

1  للأصدقاءتعليمات | Tips for friends

This Sheet gives you a few tips on how you can support a friend with dementia and their family. You can make a difference.

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2  الزياراتتعليمات بخصوص | Tips for visiting

Visiting family and friends with dementia is important for their emotional wellbeing. However people with dementia are usually not able to initiate activities or ‘entertain’ you, the visitor. Here are a few tips you may find useful when visiting your friend or family member, whether they live at home or in residential care.

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