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மறதிநோயைப் பற்றி | About dementia

1 டிமென்ஷியா என்றால் என்ன? | What is dementia?

This Help Sheet describes dementia, who gets it and some of its most common forms. It describes some early signs of dementia and emphasises the importance of a timely medical diagnosis.

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2 கண்டறிவதற்கு டிமென்ஷியா | Diagnosing dementia

This Help Sheet provides information about the early signs of dementia, the techniques used to diagnose dementia and the importance of an early and correct diagnosis.

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7 ஆரம்ப திட்டமிடல் | Early planning

This Help Sheet discusses ways to plan ahead and organise financial and legal affairs and lists people and organisations that can help.

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மாறிய நடத்தைமுறைகளும் மறதிநோயும் | Changed behaviours and dementia

1 மாற்றம் நடத்தைகள் | Changed behaviours

This Help Sheet looks at some of the common behaviour changes that may occur when a person has dementia. Reasons for the changes and some general guidelines for coping with them are discussed.

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குடும்பங்கள் மற்றும் கவனிப்பாளர்களுக்கான உதவி | Looking after families and carers

1 ஒரு இடைவெளி எடுத்து | Taking a break

This Help Sheet discusses the importance of taking a break from caring, how to organise it and who can help.

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மறதிநோய் உள்ள ஒருவரைக் கவனித்துக்கொள்ளல் | Caring for someone with dementia

1 தொடர்பாடல் | Communication

This Help Sheet explains some of the changes in communication that occur as a result of dementia and suggests ways that families and carers can help. It also includes some personal tips on communication written by a person with dementia.

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