Volunteer for us

Volunteers are an integral and valued part of our organisation.

Some have joined us after caring for a family member with dementia; others want to contribute to the community or give back to it; still others want to offer support after working in the field.

Volunteers assist Dementia Australia in a variety of ways:

  1. Increasing community awareness of dementia by assisting with Volunteer community speaking; Expos/community events & Role play simulations
  2. Supporting people with dementia and their families at Family Information and Support Sessions; and Memory Lane Cafes
  3. Supporting people with dementia to live well with dementia building on their passions, strengths, and interests; and supporting them to participate in person-centred activities, including volunteering 
  4. By providing practical support packing resources and assisting with mail outs

Contact your local state to find out ways that you can support us as a volunteer: