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Information library for age 9 to 12

Here are some books about dementia and kids.

  • The Dementia Diaries front cover with abstract images of people
    The Dementia Diaries - Matthew Snyman

    This book follows four young people dealing with dementia in their grandparents. We follow their diaries as they hear of the diagnosis, all the way through to the end. The book looks at dementia from the perspective of a young person and the Dementia Diaries’ end goal, is to raise awareness of dementia in a way that’s fun, shareable and life-affirming.

  • Cover of My Gran's Different showing a watercolour style painting of a grandmother and her grandson
    My Gran’s Different - Sue Lawson

    Sophie's Nanna bakes sponge cakes as high as my school bag Jonty's Granny catches the train to the footy every week Raffie's Nonna drives a florist van. Each grandmother is different, but all are special. Some love footy, some love cakes, others work all week. But what if your Gran was more different than the others?

  • Angela and the Cherry Tree book cover showing an illustration of an elderly woman
    Angela and the Cherry Tree - Raphaele Frier

    Angela wakes up full of hope - she is expecting a visitor. She prepares her hair, puts on perfume and bakes her speciality - shortbread cookies. She waits, impatiently at times, and finally the little girl arrives...

  • Cover of What's Wrong with Grandma with a painting of a grandma and grandaughter
    What’s wrong with Grandma? - Margaret Shawver

    I feel so sad about Grandma. I cry sometimes about it at night, remembering how she used to be. She was always reading to me, or styling my hair, or letting me give her a back rub. But now she seems like a total stranger - I don’t know her anymore. I know that sounds kind of creepy, but that’s just the way I feel.

  • Cover of the book Pearl Verses the World with a painting of a girl sitting on the globe of earth
    Pearl vs the World - Sally Murphy

    Pearl likes to write poems, but despite the insistence of her teacher, Ms. Bruff, Pearl's poems don't rhyme, and neither does she. She wishes she could grow gills so she could stay underwater in swim class without drowning. And she hasn't a clue why perfect Prudence bumps her desk and sends her pencils flying. Pearl thinks there is no nicer sound than the bell at the end of the day, even though back at home Granny sometimes doesn't recognise Pearl, and Mum is tired from providing constant care.

  • Cover of The Graduation of Jake Moon with a photo of people's feet
    The Graduation of Jake Moon - Barbara Park

    How can you love someone and resent him at the same time? Jake Moon used to love the time he spent with his grandfather, Skelly, but that was before Skelly got Alzheimer's disease. All of a sudden, it's as if Skelly is the kid, and Jake has to be the grown-up. Much of Skelly's care becomes Jake's responsibility, and that doesn't leave much time for a life of his own. Then, one day Jake rebels, and the unthinkable happens. Has Jake discovered too late how much his grandfather still means to him?

  • Cover of The Granny Project showing an illustration of an elephant with cake and tea
    The Granny Project - Anne Fine

    When Mum and Dad start talking about finding a home for Granny, Ivan and his brothers and sisters cook up a cunning plan: to blackmail Dad into letting Granny stay by threatening to hand in a project for school about how one poor confused old lady (Granny) is despised and neglected by her heartless carers (his parents). But there's more than one way of doing a Granny project - and blackmail can work both ways...

Places to get information

Here are some other websites about dementia and kids:

Kids Helpline – tips and stories about things that matter to you.


Frank and Tess - Detectives( 6.4 MB)

Old School Hip Hop comic book( 6.2 MB)

Brain Maze()

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28 November 2023