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The new Dementia Australia website

Dementia Australia has a new website. Here's where to find everything you need to support your dementia experience, and how help sheets and access to information has been improved.

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The design: a website made for you

In March 2024, we launched our new Dementia Australia website. We've spent two years talking to people living with dementia, families, friends and carers, health workers, supporters and more, asking what you need from us online.

We turned your feedback into this new web experience. Here's what you can expect our new website to be:

  • Simple

    It's now easier than it's ever been for you to browse, search and find the information, advice and support you need. Our information is also shorter and easier to read.

  • Personal and respectful

    Our website now talks to you, not about you. We put the person having the experience at the centre of the conversation: the person living with dementia, the person giving them care, the person working in the health field.

  • Designed for your needs

    Our website is designed for people with dementia to use: clear headings, big text, few distractions and large colourful buttons that are easy to understand and use.

  • Portable and shareable

    You can read any of our pages on your computer screen, tablet or phone. Every information page on the site can be printed or saved to PDF using the 'Print' button at the bottom, and you can share to social media with the 'Share' buttons.

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Finding what you need

We've organised the website around the topics you might be curious about. You can use the menu and search at the top of the page to explore, but here are the major sections:

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What about help sheets and information kits?

A big part of modernising our website has been gathering all our information on important topics in one place, so you can more easily find what you need.

So instead of having pages of help sheets and pages of videos and pages of information kits, we now have a main webpage for each of the subjects they cover.

A good example is younger onset dementia: in the past, we had an information kit on younger onset dementia, help sheets in a different part of the website, webinars and support services in different parts again, and a whole different website with more information.

Now, you can go to our new Younger onset dementia page and see everything we have on the subject: all our information, advice, support, videos and stories, all in one place.

For a simple index of some of our more popular subjects, see our Quicklinks page.

You can still print or save each page to PDF using the 'Share or Print' buttons at the bottom of the page:

A screenshot of the 'Share or print' icons on this website.

Getting help

Help sheets and information kits have been a useful resource on the site in past: we hope you'll agree this move to gather everything you need in one place is worth the change.

As always, if you need any help finding what you need, contact the National Dementia Helpline any time:

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Last updated
1 February 2024