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This form is to be used by those who wish to discuss or seek support from Dementia Australia around a product or technological development. Applicants are advised that Dementia Australia has a non-endorsement policy, which includes both explicit and implied endorsement. The information you provide to us on this form will help us consider whether a further discussion is of value.

The types of products we support

Dementia Australia can support products that:

  • align with our strategic priorities
  • support families or carers to understand dementia, and to develop skills and strategies for caring
  • assist people living with dementia to sustain their independence and remain in their homes longer
  • improve the care and quality of life of people living with dementia in their own home or residential care setting
  • aid Dementia Australia service delivery.

The support available

We may be able to assist you with the following if we have internal resources to do so at the time. There may be a fee for our involvement in some circumstances.

  • Facilitated access to people impacted by dementia (Dementia Australia Dementia Advocates) to participate in focus groups, pilots and testing. This can be provided on a one-to-one basis or in a group setting, in person or via webinar, on a fee-for-service basis.
  • Co-development of products.
  • Grants offered annually through the Dementia Australia Research Foundation.

We are unable to guarantee participation of any Dementia Advocates as this is their choice.

Co-development of products

Dementia Australia may be able to offer a partnership to co-develop a product if it meets our strategic priorities, if we have the internal resources to do so at the time and you agree to Dementia Australia owning all or part of the resulting intellectual property.

Support not provided

We cannot provide the following support:

  • product or service endorsement
  • promotion of products not owned by Dementia Australia
  • financial investment.

How does it work?

Complete the application form below. We will assess whether your application meets our requirements for support. If it does, we will assign someone to discuss your support request and next steps.

Whether your application meets requirements or not, a member of Dementia Australia will respond to your form submission. Generally submissions are responded to within 15 business days. If you have not been contacted within 15 business days, you can email to follow up.

Refer to The Dementia Australia Research Foundation for further information and application forms for the annual Dementia Grants Program.

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Last updated
19 January 2024