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Our corporate partners

Dementia Australia would like to thank our sponsors for their generosity, partnership, and support.

Sponsors make an incredible difference by supporting organisations like Dementia Australia. They offer financial support for our programs, services and publicity campaigns and help us build connections with the Australian community. In turn, we provide them with incentive and resources to learn more about living with dementia.

Find out how you can become a corporate partner and help us make a difference.

Our partners

  • Gandel Foundation

    Gandel Foundation, one of Australia’s largest independent family philanthropic funds has partnered with Dementia Australia to support the development Ask Annie, an innovative mobile app that improves quality of care for people living with dementia by building the skills of home support and community care workers. This mobile app offers short, self-paced learning modules to help home support and community care workers refresh their skills and learn tips and techniques to provide better care to people living with dementia. Ask Annie showcases how technology can be applied to improve dementia education and aged care in Australia. Without the support from Gandel Foundation this app would not have been possible.

    Gandel Foundation, over the years has channelled over $150 million dollars towards supporting various charitable organisations and causes in the community across several areas of interest including healthy and positive ageing.

  • Bendigo Bank

    Dementia Australia would like to thank Bendigo Bank for sponsoring Better Banking for people living with dementia – an online education program for banks and the financial sector to learn about the impact of dementia and how to provide improved services for people living with dementia, their families and carers.

    By supporting this initiative, Bendigo Bank is helping Dementia Australia to address discrimination faced by people living with dementia and financial abuse.

    Better Banking for people living with dementia requires only one hour to complete and provides a comprehensive overview of dementia and advice on how to better meet the financial needs of people living with dementia.

    The program includes interactive videos, quizzes, clickable graphics and flashcards, all designed to effectively engage and educate. Extensive research and development was undertaken in creating Better Banking for people living with dementia including consultation with Bendigo Bank, Victoria Police and The Hon Dr Kay Patterson AO, Age Discrimination Commissioner.

  • Lifeview

    Lifeview is a family focused community, providing care and wellness in a supported social environment, where residents live well through engagement, warm hospitality and lifestyle choices.

    Lifeview have been long-time sponsors of Dementia Australia initiatives, previously supporting the development and trial of our Virtual Forest - a sensory therapy application designed to improve the quality of life for people living with dementia through the use of video game technology and most recently with the sponsorship of The Dementia Guide.

If you would like to learn more about the partnership opportunities available with Dementia Australia, please get in touch with the fundraising team at:

1300 636 679

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Last updated
1 December 2023