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Dementia and LGBTI+ people

The Progress Pride flag.

Dementia affects you just the same if you aren’t cis or straight. So the entire Dementia Australia website is for you. But here are some resources specially designed to support LGBTI+ people.

Where’s the Q?

LGBTI often has a Q in it. Why don’t we use it at Dementia Australia?

Some of our readers say that, while younger generations have reclaimed the Q, for older people, it’s often still a slur that they struggled with. So, to make sure everyone’s comfortable, we don’t add the Q.

But if that’s how you identify, we still see you, and we're here for you. We just want to make sure everyone on our site feels welcome and supported.

Edie: a day in the life of a lesbian with younger onset dementia
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Last updated
6 December 2023