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The Nightingale Program

Dementia-specific palliative care support.

The Nightingale Program is a palliative model of advanced dementia care throughout South Australia and specific New South Wales locations*. The program is provided by specialist nurses in both states, and additionally by an Occupational Therapist in South Australia. 

It’s available free of charge and provides strategies and advice to support people living with advanced dementia, their families and care providers, with a focus on promoting choice, well-being and forward planning.  

The program supports people living at home, in residential aged care and community settings.  

How we help

Offering a specialist nurse as the single point of contact, we can develop care strategies to enable people living with dementia to:  

  • Stay at home longer and maximise their independence.
  • Promote quality of life and positive relationships. 
  • Have a voice in their future care options and decision making. 
  • Avoid unnecessary presentations to acute hospital settings.  
  • Have clinical advice including co-morbidity management, pain management, delirium and palliation.  

For South Australia, this service is funded by The Rosemary Foundation for Memory Support  and  Country SA PHN.  

* New South Wales locations include Port Macquarie, Hunter, Metropolitan Sydney and Queanbeyan-Palerang.

How to access the Nightingale Program

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Last updated
2 November 2023