Help someone with dementia stay connected

Many people with dementia can still have an active and independent social life. This information kit helps you support them to stay socially connected so they can live as well as possible and feel less isolated. 

Family and friends

Our comprehensive guide to staying
connected to a person living with dementia. 

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Social engagement help sheets

Our collection of quick, easy-to-read help information on dementia and social connection.

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Dementia social

Help people with dementia make social


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Making the most of life with dementia

Real stories about people living with dementia and how they stay socially active and connected.

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Browse our library

Our national library service provides access
to a comprehensive collection of print and digital resources about dementia.

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Become a Dementia Friend

Learn more about how you can help build dementia-friendly communities

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National Dementia Helpline: 1800 100 500

Receive a callback from the National Dementia Helpline
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