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What is "planning ahead"?

Planning ahead is thinking about your future, and putting things in place so that your choices will be known and acted on if you cannot express these choices yourself later in life.

This may happen if you have a sudden accident, become very ill or develop a condition such as dementia that affects your memory and your planning ability. Planning ahead can include issues related to your finances, lifestyle or health care.

This website will help you to plan ahead for your future. It is a practical and comprehensive resource for people across Australia just like you. It gives you the information you need to make decisions and helps you to put your decisions into action.

Prefer to talk?

If you would prefer to talk to someone, contact the National Dementia Helpline on 1800 100 500.

Most of us would prefer not to think about becoming unwell or developing dementia, but it is important to have plans in place in case we do.

Start2Talk has been developed by Dementia Australia and our partners to help all Australians start the conversations involved in planning ahead.

Ita Buttrose- Ita Buttrose AO OBE
Australian of the Year 2013
Dementia Australia Ambassador

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