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Why is planning ahead important?

  • You still have a say in how decisions are made for you when you can no longer speak for yourself.
  • It helps your loved ones if they have to make decisions for you at some time in the future.
  • It can give you peace of mind now, because you will have told your loved ones your wishes and given both you and them a chance to prepare for the future.
  • It is important for everyone, but particularly for people at risk of, or in the early stages of, dementia, as well as other chronic health conditions.

Informative resources

Information and worksheets to guide your thinking and discussion in planning ahead

A quick guide to planning ahead

What happens if you don’t plan ahead?

Often, the decisions other people make for you will be the same as those you would have chosen for yourself. But, sometimes, they may not be, which could mean that:

  • you get treatments and care that you do not want
  • you miss out on treatments and care that you do want
  • you or your loved ones must deal with complex legal issues e.g. if you have not made a Will or appointed somebody to manage your finances
  • your loved ones are confused and stressed making decisions about your care without knowing what you would have chosen
  • you and your loved ones miss opportunities to communicate while you are still able to.

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