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Ask Annie

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On-the-go dementia training designed for care workers. With short, practical and interactive modules, Dementia Australia’s award-winning Ask Annie app helps you fit dementia care skills development into your busy day.

Suitable for: Aged care, Allied health, Disability care, Home and community care, Retirement living, Dieticians, Disability care staff, Diversional therapists, Facility managers/coordinators, GPs and other referrers, Lifestyle officers, Occupational therapists, Physiotherapists, Registered nurses, Residential care workers, Social workers, Speech therapists

Course type: Changed behaviours and management, Communication, empathy and engagement, Funded training

Duration: Learn at your own pace

Delivery mode: Mobile app

Location: All states and territories

Cost: Free

Download Ask Annie

Ask Annie

A dementia coach in your pocket

If you’re caring for someone living with dementia, you’ll probably need some dementia-specific support or advice.

“Annie” is a dementia champion with years of experience in supporting people living with dementia. She’ll guide you through different real-life scenarios, offering practical tips and strategies to strengthen your skills.

With short lessons and an easy-to-use search function, you can quickly solve problems and find the advice you need. Anytime, anywhere.

“After a quick refresher on Ask Annie, our carers would feel more equipped to support people in their care.”

– Bridget Howes, General Manager, BlueCross

What you’ll learn

In the app’s five-minute lessons, you’ll learn how to:

  • connect with and support people living with dementia
  • understand how people with dementia might be communicating unmet needs, using Dementia Australia’s CAUSEd (Communication, Activity, Unwell/unmet needs, Story, Environment, dementia) problem-solving model
  • create behaviour support plans
  • understand and identify elder abuse, including financial abuse.

Key benefits

  • Strengthen your professional skills with dementia-specific training.
  • Complete short, practical lessons while you’re on the go.
  • Choose what and when you learn, based on your knowledge, needs and time.
  • Get useful advice and problem-solving support in your day-to-day tasks.

Download Ask Annie

The award-winning Ask Annie app is now free, so you can get helpful coaching and support straight away.

Ask Annie : an easy bite-sized dementia education for care workers

Ask Annie for your staff

Ask Annie is the professional development you’ve been looking for. Specifically designed for a busy workforce, it provides fast, straightforward and engaging learning that strengthens your team’s dementia care skills.

And with paid access to Ask Annie’s reporting tools, you can monitor staff engagement, progress and areas for improvement. 

The result? An empowered team who can confidently provide person-centred support to people living with dementia.

This enquiry form is for group bookings.

If you want to get Ask Annie for your staff, fill in the form below.

If you want to download Ask Annie for yourself, go to our download links.

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Last updated
1 February 2024