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Dementia Australia policy position statements

Dementia Australia’s Policy Position Statements address a diverse range of issues that directly impact people living with dementia, their families and carers. The statements are responsive to issues identified by Dementia Advocates, are topical and informed by research that is current at the time of writing. The Policy team develop the statements in close consultation with Dementia Advocates and Dementia Australia subject matter experts and provide recommendations for positive change. You can find all our existing statements below.

If you would like to provide feedback on any of our statements, please contact our Policy team: [email protected].

Concussion and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy in Australia

Joint Position Statement of the Concussion and CTE Coalition - February 2024

Dental and Health Services Policy Statement

Policy Position Statements - September 2023

Palliative Care and Dementia Policy Statement

Policy Position Statements - July 2023

Dementia and access to Voluntary Assisted Dying

Policy Position Statements - April 2023

Video surveillance in residential aged care

Policy Position Statements - December 2022

Residential care options for people with younger onset dementia

Policy Position Statements - November 2022

Supported decision making

Policy Position Statements - September 2022

Person-centred models in dementia care

Policy Position Statements - July 2022

Physiotherapy and dementia

Dementia Australia and Australian Physiotherapy Association joint position statement

Dementia education and the residential aged care workforce

Dementia Australia policy position statement - May 2022

Access to Allied Health services for people living with dementia

Dementia Australia policy position statement

Use of chemical restraint (restrictive practices) in residential aged care

Dementia Australia policy position statement: October 2021

Leadership and culture change in aged care

Dementia Australia policy position statement

Access to supports for regional, rural and remote communities 

Dementia Australia policy position statement

Use of cameras in residential aged care

Dementia Australia policy position statement

Carers of people living with dementia and discrimination

Joint position statement between Dementia Australia and Carers Australia.

Medication Use By People Living With Dementia

Hospital Care for People living with Dementia

2017 IPSOS report

Awareness and understanding of dementia in Australia.

Dementia and the impact of stigma

The economic cost of dementia in Australia 2016-2056

Legal rights

A practical guide to help people diagnosed with dementia, and their families and carers, better understand the legal issues they may be faced with.

Superannuation and dementia

People with dementia and their families often ask whether they have a right to access their superannuation early to assist with their financial situation, given that they have a terminal illness.

Dementia-friendly communities

Dementia Australia is proud to release the dementia-friendly communities white paper, addressing the need for Australia to create and sustain communities which can include people with dementia.

Engage, enable, empower

Living a healthy lifestyle with dementia or mild cognitive impairment

Quality dementia care

Resources which may assist when caring for people with dementia.

Access Economics Reports

A number of documents which produce estimates of the current and future impact of dementia in various populations within Australia and the surrounding regions.

Evaluation Reports

Evaluation reports on topics including CEWT, DESP AND LWML.

Future Directions

Future Directions consultancy report by Michael Bird and Ruth Parslow (2001).