Partnering to support living well with dementia

A referral to Dementia Australia connects people living with dementia with the right specialist support services to live as well as possible.

We believe a supported health and aged care workforce, committed to a person-centred approach, is essential for quality dementia care. We are here to support you and those in your care, from early diagnosis onwards.

How healthcare professionals can help support patients with dementia

Dr. Dimity Pond, General Practitioner, shares valuable insights into the role of healthcare professionals in supporting patients with dementia. Advice is provided on how to approach initial conversations, the importance of diagnosis, and how to support patients to have a good quality of life.

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"Early Diagnosis of Dementia… Why Bother?" Hosted by Dr Norman Swan

Watch this important conversation, designed specifically for general practitioners. In a one-hour recorded webinar, expert panellists discuss the value of an early dementia diagnosis, management and pathways.

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Stay connected about what we have to offer you and those living with dementia in your care.

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Professional education

The number of people with dementia will increase by 318 per day by 2025 in Australia. Dementia education is essential in building your knowledge and skills to support and care for people living with dementia.

We offer flexible and adaptive learning delivered in multiple ways. Request the Dementia Learning Guide and explore our range of professional education programs.

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