Our Board


Graeme Samuel AC is a Professor in Monash University’s Business School and School of Public Health and Preventative Medicine. He is also Chair of Dementia Australia, Chair of Australian Dementia Network Ltd (ADNet), Co-Chair of the National Network of Comprehensive Dementia Centres Steering Group, Chair of Built Environment Compliance Pty Ltd, Chair of Synthesis Capital Strategic Advisory Board and Chair of Airlines for Australia and New Zealand.

His former roles include Chairman of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Associate Member of the Australian Communications and Media Authority and President of the National Competition Council. He was a member of the Panel appointed by the bank regulator, Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) to conduct the Prudential Inquiry into the governance, culture and accountability of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. He was also the Chair of the panel which conducted a Capability Review of APRA. He has recently completed an Independent Review commissioned by the Commonwealth Government of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act. He also conducted a review for the Commonwealth Government of the Food and Grocery Code of Conduct. He was Chair of the Commonwealth Government's Panel of Review of Australia's Independent Medical Research Institutes and advisor to the Commonwealth Department of Health in its review of private health insurance.

In 2010, he was made a Companion of the Order of Australia for eminent service to public administration through contributions in economic reform and competition law, and to the community through leadership roles with sporting and cultural organisations.


Maree is the Chief Executive Officer of Dementia Australia and a member of the organisation’s Board. In February 2017, Maree was appointed to the role of Alzheimer’s Australia National CEO and led the unification process from the federation of Alzheimer’s Australia to the unified, national organisation, Dementia Australia, established in October 2017. Within the federation Maree served as CEO Alzheimer’s Australia Vic from October 2010 to August 2016. A recognised leader in the health and aged care sector Maree brings more than twenty years’ experience across the health, mental health and aged care sectors to her current role.

Maree’s career accomplishments include Executive Operations for TLC Aged Care, Director of Clinical Resources at The Melbourne Clinic, and General Manager of Hospitals for St John of God Healthcare and Surveyor for the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards. Maree has a Post Graduate Diploma in Mental Health Nursing, a Master of Business Administration and is a graduate of the Oxford University Leadership Program and of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Maree is a director of Dementia Australia Limited, Dementia Australia Research Foundation (since 2018) and Dementia Australia Research Foundation - Victoria (since 2018). She is a member of the board for the National Ageing Research Institute and a member of the Aged Care Sector Committee which provides advice to the Federal Government on aged care policy development and implementation. Maree is also a member of the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare and is on the Executive Committee of the Cognitive Decline Partnership Committee. Internationally Maree represents Dementia Australia as a member of Alzheimer’s Disease International and is a member of the ADI Asia Pacific Regional Committee.


Professor Kaarin Anstey joined UNSW in 2018. She leads an NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence in Cognitive Health, is a Director of the NHMRC Dementia Centre for Research Collaboration and Co-Deputy Director of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research. Kaarin’s research programs focus on the causes, consequences and prevention of cognitive ageing, dementia, and common mental disorders in adulthood. Kaarin has worked extensively with longitudinal studies, and leads the PATH Through Life Project which has followed over 7000 people for 16 years. Kaarin also conducts research into older driver safety. Kaarin was Chair of the Dementia Australia Research Foundation Scientific Panel (2010 to 2013) and serves on the Board of the Dementia Australia Research Foundation (since 2014) and Dementia Australia Research Foundation - Victoria (since 2018).


Henry Brodaty is a researcher, clinician, policy advisor and strong advocate for people with dementia and their carers.  At the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, he is Scientia Professor of Ageing and Mental Health, Montefiore Chair of Health Brain Ageing, Co-Director of the Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing, and Director, Dementia Centre for Research Collaboration. As well as being a prolific researcher, he is a senior psychogeriatrician and Head of the Memory Disorders Clinic at Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney. Henry was previously President of the International Psychogeriatric Association, Chairman of Alzheimer’s Disease International, and President of Alzheimer’s Australia NSW and Alzheimer’s Australia. He chairs the Clinical Advisory Committee and is an Ambassador for the Montefiore Homes. In 2000, he became an officer of the Order of Australia and in June 2016 received the Ryman Prize for the world’s best development, advance or achievement that enhances quality of life for older people.

Henry established the Dementia Australia Research Foundation and chaired the Board of Directors (or its forerunner) between 1985 and 2016. Henry now serves as a director on the Board of the Dementia Australia Research Foundation (since 2018) and the Dementia Australia Research Foundation - Victoria (since 2018).


Amy Brodtmann is a stroke and cognitive neurologist at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Austin Health, and Eastern Health, and a clinician-researcher at the Florey. She is the recipient of many awards and grants for her work in stroke and dementia, including NHMRC fellowship and project support, and is the chief investigator on a Dementia Research Team Grant. Her research focuses on the imaging of brain network degenerations following stroke and the diagnosis and management of focal onset dementias. She is on the editorial boards of Neurology and IJS and committee of the Wicking Strategic Review Panel. She is a founding member of the Australian Frontotemporal Dementia Association, the inaugural Chair of the Australian chapter of the Organization of Human Brain Mapping, and the inaugural President of the Australian Cognitive Neurology Society. Amy serves on the Board of the Dementia Australia Research Foundation (since 2018) and Dementia Australia Research Foundation - Victoria (since 2012).


Ian is Managing Director of Axsia Group, a boutique advisory group, and a Partner of nem Australasia, a general consulting group. He also sits on a number of not-for-profit, private and public company boards. Ian has had an extensive career in investment banking for over 40 years and was a Partner at KPMG (Chartered Accountants) from 1995 to his retirement in June 2012. Ian serves on the Board of the Dementia Australia Research Foundation Board (since 2018) and the Dementia Australia Research Foundation - Victoria (since 2012).


Tony Newman is a highly experienced senior executive with expertise in Finance, Supply Chain, Sales and Marketing and Information Technology. Tony is a strategic thinker and leader and a highly effective operations manager. His highly developed skills in negotiation, collaboration, relationship management and delivery of customer satisfaction and his coaching and mentoring approach with staff have contributed to Tony’s success in a complex international environment. The work of Dementia Australia holds a special place with Tony. His dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s five years before his death in 1996. Tony serves on the Board of Dementia Australia Limited, Dementia Australia Research Foundation (since 2018) and Dementia Australia Research Foundation - Victoria (since 2018). He is also a board member of the South Australian Jockey Club and has an Economics degree from the University of Adelaide.


Over the past 40 years Neil Samuel has been actively involved in business with an emphasis on Finance, Administration, Sourcing and Procurement. Neil has travelled extensively throughout Asia and Europe enabling him to become a regular guest lecturer at Deakin University. Neil has served in leadership positions on numerous Boards within the not for profit sector for many years, specialising in governance and finance. Neil served on the board of Alzheimer’s Australia Vic since 2003, including Honorary Secretary, Deputy Chair and Chair. In 2007, he was appointed to the Board of Alzheimer’s Australia Limited, now Dementia Australia Limited, and also serves on the Boards of Dementia Australia Research Foundation (since 2014) and Dementia Australia Research Foundation - Victoria (since 2012). Neil is also a member of the Finance, Audit, Risk Management committee and Chair of the Dementia Australia Victorian Advisory Council. Neil’s passion for Dementia Australia was born out of family experience with Alzheimer’s disease.


James is the Director of the Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre at the University of Tasmania. His research interests include neurodegenerative disease (particularly Alzheimer's disease), brain plasticity, acquired brain injury and dementia prevention. James also has a strong interest in educational programs in dementia. James joined the Dementia Australia Research Foundation Scientific Panel in 2006 and held the position of Chair from 2014 to 2016. James currently serves on the Board of the Dementia Australia Research Foundation (since 2016) and Dementia Australia Research Foundation – Victoria (since 2018).


Michael is currently Head of Aged Care Research, Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital, Austin Health; Director, Memory Clinic and Director, Wound Management Clinic, Austin Health. Michael’s clinical specialties are Geriatric, General and Rehabilitation Medicine, with a major interest in Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive disorders. Michael is Chair of the Dementia Australia Dementia Research Foundation – Victoria (since 2012) and until recently was Chair of the Australasian Consortium of Centres for Clinical Cognitive Research. Michael joined the Board of the Dementia Australia Research Foundation in 2018.