Amir Hossein Ghapanchi

Improving quality of life for people with dementia: Development and evaluation of a 3D virtual world
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2014 Alzheimer's Australia Dementia Research Foundation - Victoria Project Grant
Project Snapshot

3D Virtual Worlds are graphical computer applications which can simulate the real life. Users of these worlds can interact with these worlds via their own digital and graphical self-representations known as ‘avatars’. These worlds are accessible to users via Internet-connected personal computers. This technology enables people with lower mobility such as people with dementia to be able to experience things that they have experienced in their past life but are no longer able to experience very often due to their low mobility. For people living with dementia in long-term care, engagement in pleasurable activities and a feeling of control over their lives are essential for good quality of life , while depression is associated with poor quality of life. Consistent with this, when long-term care residents are actively engaged, they report improved quality of life and reduced depression. This project seeks to determine whether the use of 3D Virtual World technology by residents living with dementia in long-term care is meaningful and feasible, and if it can contribute to a higher quality of life for people with dementia.

Where are they now?

Dr Amir Ghapanchi is a senior lecturer at the School of Information and Communication Technology, Griffith University. Amir has published over 70 referred publications including more than 45 journal articles in prestigious journals and conferences. He has also edited a book titled “Healthcare Informatics and Analytics: Emerging Issues and Trends”.