Claire Eccleston

What do they know about dementia? Determining community knowledge about dementia

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Plants Management Australia – Whetman Pinks Project Grant
Project Snapshot

Our conversations with communities show that people feel that to become a dementia friendly community, all members of the community need to know about dementia. This project is surveying the wider Tasmanian population to see what people do know about dementia using a valid and reliable survey instrument that has been used in previous studies. So far the research team has surveyed over 350 people across most parts of Tasmania. The research team will also hold focus groups to talk with people from various communities. These conversations are about which areas of community education people think are important and how they think this education would best be delivered. The findings of this study will help educators, community members and peak bodies develop education to teach people about dementia.

Where are they now?

Dr Claire Eccleston is a Lecturer in the Bachelor of Dementia Care degree offered through the Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre, University of Tasmania.