Emily Reeve

Consumer and clinician led priority setting for the NNIDR MEDicines and DEMentia (MEDDEM) National Research Action Plan

AAG Research Trust – Dementia Australia Research Foundation Strategic Research Grant
In Progress
Project Snapshot

This project aims to identify the top 10 unanswered quality use of medicines (QUM) questions for people living with dementia. These questions will be generated and prioritised by Australians living with dementia, carers, and health care providers (clinicians). QUM means using medicines safely, effectively and when they are needed to get the best possible health outcomes. We will determine priorities using a multi-step research process. A national survey conducted with stakeholders and championed by a stakeholder Steering Group will determine what questions participants have had about medicines and dementia. These questions will be assessed to determine if there is already an ‘answer’ – has high quality research already been done? A second questionnaire followed by a workshop will prioritise the unanswered questions, resulting in a top 10 list. In the past, health research questions have been led by drug companies or researchers, with little involvement of clinicians and consumers. We aim to determine which questions are important to people living with dementia and their care team, to prioritise research in these areas and ensure that outcomes of research are directly relevant to the care of people living with dementia. This will lead to improving how medicines are used which in turn will improve health outcomes in people living with dementia.