Isabella Choi

Consumer co-creation of an e-health dementia risk profiling tool: exploring benefits and harms

Isabella Choi headshot
Henry Brodaty Project Grant
Project Snapshot

Would you want to know your risk of dementia? How can this be communicated to you in a meaningful, non-distressing, and engaging way, which will motivate you to make changes to your lifestyle and health risk factors to reduce your dementia risk? This project addresses these questions by conducting focus groups with consumers to explore their attitudes towards knowing personal dementia risk and collaboratively designing an interactive online personal dementia risk profiling tool. We will test the resulting risk profiling tool in a trial with people at-risk of developing dementia to assess whether it facilitates an accurate understanding of risk, and its impacts on psychological distress and engagement in behaviours to reduce risk. The risk profiling tool could be later used in primary care, ehealth interventions, and dementia prevention programs, to empower people at risk of dementia to take action to reduce their modifiable risks and lessen the impact on society.

Where are they now?

Isabella Choi is a registered clinical psychologist and she works as a postdoctoral research associate at the Brain and Mind Centre, The University of Sydney.