Nasser Bagheri

Spatial convergence of dementia and cardiovascular disease risk: evidence to inform policy and practice.

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Archie & Alwynne Gates Project Grant
In Progress
Project Snapshot

Delivery of more effective preventive intervention efforts to reduce and delay onset of dementia and cardiovascular disease (CVD) events requires knowing where high levels of convergence of dementia and CVD risks occur in communities. As dementia and cardiovascular disease share many of the same risk factors, this project will develop an innovative method to identify clusters and overlap of dementia and cardiovascular disease risk across communities. These risk maps will then be overlayed and contrasted against other available data for built environment and lifestyle factors for the regions in question. These hotspot data have the potential to support targeted, area specific primary prevention activity in health service delivery. Dementia and CVD risk prediction will provide the first rigorous evaluation of future risk of dementia and CVD at the individual level, and will enable clinicians, Public Health Networks and policymakers to design tailored health promotion strategies as well as follow up individuals with higher risk profiles.

Where are they now?

Dr Bagheri is a Senior Research Fellow at the Australian National University (ANU), and leads a Visual and Decision Analytics lab and spatial epidemiology team in the Centre for Mental Health Research at ANU.