Sophie Dilworth

The pathway to diagnosis: Experiences of caregivers of people with dementia

Sophie Dilworth headshot
Alzheimer’s Australia Dementia Research Foundation – Victoria Project Grant
Project Snapshot

This study will provide valuable, up-to-date data on the experiences of caregivers on pathway to dementia diagnosis; one of only a few studies of its kind internationally. The findings of this research will provide important insight regarding gaps which may exist in provision of dementia care and services in the pre-diagnosis phase. Identifying such gaps will help to determine where improvements in care and future research are needed most. The research gives voice to the concerns and preferences of consumers to inform the development of strategies to reduce delays and overcome the barriers to obtaining a timely diagnosis. Understanding the path that people travel to the point of diagnosis will allow service providers and policy makers to target efforts to ensure that diagnosis is coordinated and supported. 

Where are they now?

Dr Sophie Dilworth works as a post-doctoral research fellow with the Health Behaviour Collaborative with the School of Medicine and Public Health at The University of Newcastle.