Vincent Dore

Fast, accurate and accessible quantification of tau and amyloid PET Scans

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Alzheimer’s Australia Dementia Research Foundation – Victoria Project Grant
Project Snapshot

β-amyloid deposits and tau tangles are present in the brain of a person diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Brain imaging (known as PET scans) are used to detect these proteins and provide invaluable insight into the development of the disease. Presently, trained experts interpret PET scans manually, which is a tedious task. In this project, we propose to develop a tool that automatically quantifies β-amyloid and tau burden and offer an easier visualisation of the images. These reports will enable clinicians to provide a more confident and accurate diagnosis, allowing earlier and more appropriate care of patients. Importantly, this research will enable the introduction of consistent PET analysis to all scanning sites throughout Australia, including those situated in remote areas.

Where are they now?

Dr Vincent Doré is a Research Scientist (Biomedical Imaging) with the Health & Biosecurity Flagship at The Australian eHealth Research Centre, CSIRO.