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Cause-related marketing

A row of plastic water bottles with Memory Walk and Jog labels

Picture yourself filling up with petrol and wanting to grab a bottle of water for the next leg of your journey. Inside the garage fridge are three different water bottles selling for the same price. One of the three has a charity logo on it. Which one do you buy?

Dementia Australia

We represent the 487,500 Australians living with dementia and the almost 1.6 million Australians involved in their care.

There is strong evidence to show that Australian consumers prefer to purchase a product where a portion of the price goes to a charity. 

Adding a visible purchase incentive to your product offers an incredibly simple way for your customers to support Dementia Australia and, very importantly, it makes them feel good about buying your product. By purchasing for themselves, they have helped others, and that’s a rare feeling to be able to give your customers.

Cause-related marketing comes in many shapes and sizes. This means your partnership can be tailored to fit organisational rules, financial protocol and marketing needs. The main idea, however, is that a portion of each sale is donated to Dementia Australia.

If you would like to learn more about the partnership opportunities available with Dementia Australia, please get in touch with the fundraising team at:

1300 636 679

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Last updated
1 December 2023