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Selecting Dementia Australia as your charity of choice will allow you to provide targeted financial support to a cause that’s important to you and your employees. It will also open up opportunities to engage your staff in highly relevant volunteering, special events and dementia training.

Dementia Australia's purpose

To transform the experience of people impacted by dementia by elevating their voices and inspiring excellence in support and care free from discrimination.

In addition, you will be able to promote a solid, considered partnership to the community and key stakeholders. This will show your commitment to the charity sector generally, and to families affected by dementia specifically.

Dementia Australia is the cause that fits your organisation. That’s because we will work with you to ensure we meet the requirements for your charity of choice. Together we can create a partnership that implements your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility plan effectively and puts your values into action. 

A long-term relationship also gives your staff the chance to discover the full range of Dementia Australia’s work, learn about the people and projects it supports, and to be personally engaged in multiple, practical ways. 

In some instances, larger companies may choose multiple charities of choice for a given year to ensure broad Corporate Social Responsibility goals are met. Dementia Australia has a strong track record of working with and alongside other charities in these scenarios, to ensure cohesive operation and mutually beneficial outcomes.

If you would like to learn more about the partnership opportunities available with Dementia Australia, please get in touch with the fundraising team at:

1300 636 679

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Last updated
1 December 2023