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Environmental audits: dementia enabling environments

For organisations

Providing a dementia-friendly environment is an integral part of providing quality care. A person’s environment can influence their behaviours and significantly impact their ability to live well with dementia.

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Suitable for: Aged care, Allied health, Disability care, Hospitals, Retirement living, Aged care decision-makers, Facility managers/coordinators

Course type: Consultancy, Enabling environments and specialty programs

Duration: Negotiated

Delivery mode: Face-to-face

Location: All states and territories

Our team of consultants can help you create environments that enable people living with dementia to feel supported and engaged and live as independently as possible.

Following an on-site environmental audit of your aged care, acute care or community care setting, we provide you with a report, including:

  • What design features are working well.
  • Recommendations to make incremental improvements to your organisation’s environment.

Our recommendations will help your organisation:

  • Reduce risk without impacting a person’s ability to live a connected and meaningful life.
  • Balance budget considerations with providing an environment that feels home-like, familiar and secure.
  • Ensure the needs of people living with dementia are prioritised above all other requirements.

Our recommendations are practical, achievable and specific to your organisation and setting. We provide options to suit all situations, needs and budgets.

We can also review plans for renovations and new constructions to comply with standards.

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Last updated
21 February 2024